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Hi, I’m Hannah,

I coach STEM women to figure out ‘what’s next?’ in their careers and the strategy to make it happen.



 “Deeply compassionate, profoundly inspiring.”

- Nir Eyal

Former Stanford lecturer, behavioural design expert, and international bestselling author of Indistractible: How to control your attention and choose your life

 “Educational and inspiring, providing tangible advice and proven methodologies.”

- Professor Alexandra Knight CEng FIMechE FWES

Founder and CEO, STEMAZING

“A must-read, crammed full of tools, techniques and tips.”

- Francesca Long

Head of Training and Talent Development, The Faraday Institution

"Put yourself in the driving seat of your career."

- Dr Helen Niblock

Head of Regional Engagement North East, Yorkshire and Humber, EPSRC

“A guiding light that all women can look to.”

- Beth Clarke

Award-winning software engineer and STEM advocate

“I will refer back to this book over and over again.”

- Marie Hemingway

Award-winning founder and CTO, Speak Out Revolution

‘This book contains everything a great sponsor and mentor should tell you.”

- Sadia Salam

Executive Coach and Inclusion Facilitator, Sadia Salam Coaching



Dr Hannah Roberts is a scientist, a mother of three and an award-winning coach on a mission to eradicate inequity in the workplace. Focusing on a leadership mindset, she supports women to design careers for fulfilment and build progressive workplace cultures in which every individual feels valued.

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How I went from Superwoman fuelled by “I’m not good enough” to helping thousands of scientific and professional women restore confidence and build ambitious impactful careers whilst balancing the things and people that mean most to them.

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Dr Hannah Roberts
Scientist | Mum of 3 | ICF PCC Certified Coach
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