5 Tools to Propel Your Career Without Activating Superwoman

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There are three high achieving personality types that cause anxiety, self doubt and diminished performance. The Pusher, The Pleaser and The Perfectionist. Superwoman is a collapsing of these core beliefs and behaviours resulting in three major challenges: imposter syndrome, individualism and career inertia.

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Superwoman in the archetype of our times and if her standards seem unattainable, they probably are, but it doesn't stop Superwoman from trying."

ever felt like your career unfolded in front of you?

The next opportunity presenting itself to you? Offered that PhD position. Recommended for that postdoc. After a few years, we can often feel stuck. Rejection and criticism starts to feel like failure. You are left wondering what all those late nights and weekends were for?

struggling to manage it all?

I see so many scientists and professional women struggling to manage it all. On paper, every piece of their life is in the right place. But along the way. their confidence has been eroded. Fears crystallising as feelings of inadequacy or discontent. Collapsing in bed at night. Waking to face to same experience time and again. It doesn't have to be that way.

What clients Say


Things that seemed very complex and unchangeable became clear and straight forward to manage. All of this made me a happier person and people surrounding me sensed it.

Research Fellow 

12 Session Leading Powerfully


Coaching has helped me in many ways but most importantly it has and continues to replace the voice in my head. The voice of negativity, concern, worry and self-deprecation.

PhD Student

12 Session Leading Powerfully


I was heading for burnout and the work we did was profound. It has been life changing in a hugely positive way. I finally know who I am and what my purpose is. It feels amazing.


12 Session Leading Powerfully

Step into you. The REAL you. with Confidence

If you are too busy working in your career rather than on it. It's time to enter a new paradigm so you can define your legacy and make an impact.

Dr Hannah Roberts

Scientist, mum of three and career specialised coach. I help scientific and professional women struggling with 'what's next?' to achieve purposeful career direction by restoring confidence and developing a 5 year vision plan through 1:1 coaching.

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