Three Surprising Lessons from Meditation…

Last week I spent 4 days in Glastonbury at an Advanced Meditation Retreat. The three words I am using to describe my experience are:

⭕ Fully embodied
⭕ Surrender
⭕ Tender loving kindness

And here are three surprising meditation lessons…

#1 Suffering

Is there anything in your life you wish was different from how it is? If you answered yes, this is the definition of suffering. Either we fully accept the situation without wanting it to change, or if you cannot, or do not want to do that, then you must change something to relieve the suffering.
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#2 Physical Pain vs Emotional Pain

We are often much better at dealing with physical pain rather than emotional pain. If you stub your toe, you don’t immediately cut it off because it hurts. But when we feel emotions we really don’t want to feel (emotional allergies), how many of us cut them off, squash them down, or numb them with Netflix? If we have 365 emotions on the hard drive but we are only okay with 20 of them, then we’ve got a big problem. If we can start to see emotional pain under the same lens as physical pain, we will be in a much better place to see it as real suffering.

#3 Forgiveness Is a Place You Arrive At

Forgiveness is a destination, not a process. Forgiveness is what happens when you let go of all the pain and accept what has happened fully.

#4 Perfectionist Bonus 🎁

And I will throw in a fourth bonus lesson that seems to sum up my personal journey during the retreat. We all have areas for growth and something I’m currently working on is my Perfectionist. I’ve got really good at managing my Inner Critic which is about comparing yourself unfavourably to others and feeling ‘less than’. However, my Perfectionist has an idealised version of myself which I often feel I fall short of. This retreat has been about accepting and loving who I am as things currently stand without needing to change a thing. As I surrendered all expectations I have of myself, I found a place of compassion and love for the older versions of me that I wasn’t so happy with too. Rather than living in the past, or living in the future, being wholly content with who I am in the present.

Keep Opening Up,


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