On the days you only have 40% energy…

I was having lunch in a lovely local café with a friend yesterday. She remarked how different she felt after the clocks turning back an hour in October. The nights are drawing in, it’s finally getting a bit colder and the urge to curl up in your snuggly PJs with a book (and some chocolate) is compelling. Yet, over the last few weeks we have been commercially pushed from Halloween, to Bonfire Night and since the 6th November it is all about Christmas. Do not even get me started on Black Friday!

The tipping point from Autumn into Winter is a time of drawing back and of introspection, yet the paradox is, it is one of the most outgoing times of the year. From workplace parties, to celebrations with friends and family. I am most certainly not saying do not do these things, we all need fun, connection, and joy in our lives. Rather, make sure to plan in the rest too, so that you go into the New Year in energy abundance rather than energy deficit.

On the days you only have 40% energy and you give 40% energy. You actually gave 100%.

One of the ways I help my clients to manage their time and energy sustainably is through my Planning 2024 Workshop. There’s something special about coming together to complete the year and set your intentions (not goals). We look at intention settings holistically in the 5 different pillar areas of: career/business, health, relationships, personal development, and wealth to ensure that we do not eclipse other areas of our lives for our work. I like to do this process in November so that those intentions can be refined again before January. I promise this is part of the process and not just my Perfectionist speaking 😉.

So, at a time when everyone is asking you to spend money, I would like to invite you to this workshop for free. To get registered simply reply to this email saying “me please” (or something similar) and I’ll send you a calendar invitation. If you are registered and cannot attend live you will receive the replay which will be available until 1st January 2024.

The Planning 2024 Workshop
Tuesday 28th November 12:00-15:00 (UK time)
Replay available
During this workshop you will:

  • Gather your learning for 2024 through a structured review of 2023
  • Connect with your longer-term vision and dream into the possibility of 2024
  • Pinpoint key milestones you need to hit each quarter in 2024 to move you towards that vision
  • Get fine level planning completed for Q1 2024
  • Reflect and refine your boundaries and non-negotiables.
  • Planning 2024 workbook included with templates for accountability actions.

I do hope to see you there 👀.

Keep opening up,


If you do join the workshop for free, can I please ask for something in return? Like many, I cannot even begin to comprehend the atrocities we are witnessing in Israel and Palestine. I add my public voice to those requesting peace.

Ways you can help.

  • Contact your local MP and add your voice to those calling for an upholding of international law.
  • Donate to a cause supporting emergency relief such as the British Red Cross.
  • Donate to a cause supporting peace such as ALLMEP (The Alliance for Middle East Peace).
  • Reach out to those in your immediate community emotionally impacted by the crisis and bring compassion and understanding.
  • Be a stand for peace and unity in all places.

PPS Get intentional about your career in 2024 by joining the next Intentional Careers™ Workshop: How to accelerate your career, even if you don’t know ‘what’s next?’. Multiple dates in December available. Register for free here.