40th Birthday Edition

It’s official, I’ve turned 40 🥳🥳 so for this special birthday edition I have a gift for you and a gift for me. It’s not every day you turn 40 after all 😉

My gift to you 🎁

I recently listened to award-winning independent financial advisor, Rebecca Robertson’s Accelerate your Wealth podcast and came across a very helpful episode #80, “cost of living crisis“. It was very reassuring to here her thoughts on timelines and practical actions you can take.

I’ve known Rebecca for over 5 years now, she helped me sort out a legacy plan for my pension and for the children’s future and I recommend her to all of my clients. If you are unsure what to do with your money, whether that is your pension(s), mortgage or savings as we hit a recession and very high inflation, you can book a 15 minute call for free to discuss. Just pop my name in the referral box and BOOK HERE.

A gift for me 🎁

If you feel able to take 4 minutes to answer 6 questions, it would be the biggest gift you could give me to help shape my business.

For transparency. Here are the questions and my own answers 👇

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Which podcasts do you regularly listen to? up to 3
✅ The Dent Podcast
✅ The Wealth Accelerator Podcast
✅ Adam Grant

Who’s emails do you always open? up to 3
✅ Dancing Leopard
✅ Happy hormones
✅ Dent

Who do you love to get updates from on LinkedIn (up to 3)
✅ Marie Hemmingway
✅ Bahijja Raimi-Abraham
✅ Zach Sorrell

Who do you love to get updates from on Twitter (up to 3)
✅ Adam Grant
✅ Elon Musk
✅ Academic Chatter

Who do you love to get updates from on Instagram (up to 3)
✅ Gabor Mate
✅ Brene Brown
✅ Celeste Barber

Favourite book author? up to 3.
✅ Brene Brown
✅ Adam Grant
✅ Daniel Priestley

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Thank you in advance,


PS The latest inspiring stories episode of the Women in STEM Career & Confidence podcast has landed. My guest Bahijja Raimi-Abraham is a pharmacist, Lecturer in Pharmaceutics at King’s College London and Founder and Academic Lead of King’s College London Fight the Fakes. In this episode Bahija speaks candidly about her own mental health struggles and how she created a powerful set of leadership values for her group from her favourite quotes. Listen on your preferred platform 🎧 iTunes 🎧 Spotify 🎧 Other Platforms