Am I helping them or are they my biggest teachers?

I’m into month 3 of the Inspired Women’s Lead mentorship programme. I don’t know how Bonnie Fatio does it, but I have been paired with the most perfect mentor. 

At the end of every session I always thank her for bringing me so much insight and clarity. She tells me that she thinks I’m the one teaching her.

She is clearly being very generous there, but it did get me thinking…

Some of my best client transformations have provided the greatest learning and growth for myself.

The business owner who reminded me that we all get an equal value of 1, no matter what we do. We all contribute to the same ‘pot’ whether that’s doing the family shop or leading a group meeting.

The PhD student that inspired me to observe my own ‘stories’ at a deeper level and to plan ‘as if’ it would work out instead of getting paralysed at the ‘what if’s’.

The research fellow who showed me that if you want different results you have to take new (and usually courageous) action. She prompted me to create and run my first ever 5-day Facebook #careerbalance challenge.

I will not pretend that when I’m coaching there isn’t more in it for me.

I love making a difference by helping others.

But is there ever a truly altruistic act?

Keep opening up,

Hannah x

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