Astonish yourself today…

I’ve not always been a confident public speaker. In fact, a decade ago it used to terrify me to the point that I would do anything to avoid it. If I did have to give a talk, it would loom over me like a benevolent black cloud. As the talk got closer, my anxiety levels would skyrocket 🚀.

It wasn’t just public speaking either. The same set of physical sensations; sweaty palms, racing heart, barely breathing, red cheeks, and a dry mouth would cascade over me and become my companions whenever I needed to speak up, especially in meetings.

I would practice what I wanted to say in my head, but by the time I worked up enough courage, my moment to contribute had passed. The conversations had moved on.

Starting my coaching business in 2018 forced me to confront this fear head-on. I knew mastering public speaking was crucial, so I embarked on a journey to overcome it once and for all.

I simultaneously got to the root cause of why my body was perceiving speaking up as a dangerous threat to be avoided. I also took training to master speaking from stage and land opportunities to stretch my comfort zone.

It began with timid steps—attending local Toastmasters meeting and conducting small online workshops. But gradually, I grew more comfortable, and now, I thrive in front of audiences of over 400 people.

This to me is astounding.

For anyone who needs to hear this today, I’m here to tell you that you can astonish yourself too.

You are far more capable than you give yourself credit for and you CAN overcome any challenge, no matter how big it feels.

Behaviours we develop over a lifetime may not vanish overnight. What changes things is awareness, support, and consistency of action.

We don’t need more confidence to get started – that’s a complete myth. What we need is 5 seconds of courage to begin an aligned action. It may seem scary at the time, but once you take that action, it will breed confidence and so the expansion into who you really are continues.

Things can be different, and I’m championing you every step of the way.

Keep Opening Up,


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