The Basic Need For Alone Time

Whether you are an introvert or an extrovert, we all need alone time. On the one hand, some people have alone time in abundance but they can’t reap the benefits because they feel lonely. This results in avoidance of being truly alone so there is always a companion: food, Netflix, social media, wine etc. At the other end of the spectrum, alone time may be a rare commodity and you can’t even go to the toilet without a small human coming to join you. It’s not just children that block the pathway either, if you have a strong pusher part of you that has a big long list of things to do then you may find that you eclipse your alone time for something ‘more productive’.

Food, sleep, water, movement and connection time are all basic needs, so too is alone time. I don’t know about you but when I fail to get regular food, I become hangry! I need food as a minimum 3 times a day to be functioning without adverse effects. As I write this, it does make me reflect on the privilege of that sentence. Without alone time, what are the consequences? For me, I become irritable and withdrawn and start to get stuck in my head, pushing down emotions because there is no time for processing thoughts or feeling feelings. How about you?

Just because alone time is a basic need like food, doesn’t mean I need it three times a day. This part is different for everyone. I need 1 hour a day of alone time to be a fully functioning human (not snappy and withdrawn) other people may need 10 minutes, 30 minutes. What is it for you? If you don’t know then spend the next week testing out different amounts to see what effect they have on your wellbeing.

Basic needs are incredibly important to ensure we are operating at ok and not slipping into disempowered states. So why are they one of the hardest things to prioritise?

In my 5 Day Time & Energy Secrets Challenge 9-13th May 2022 we will not only map out your personal basic needs but also use a process called habit stacking to ensure they become a reality. Even if you have done this challenge before, revisiting needs in-particular can be highly beneficial on a regular basis. When was the last time you gave yourself an 8 hour sleep opportunity?

Do you want to dominate your time and energy so that you can be highly effective and balance the things and people that mean most to you?


Let’s get to work on impact without burnout 💪


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