Being More Dangerous – Blog #100!

I cannot believe this is my 100th Coffee & Notes! It feels like quite a milestone from where I started to where I am right now.

The first ever topic I wrote about was the three-spheres exercise which I was completing as part of the Inspired Women Lead mentorship programme. I had to track how much time I was spending for one whole week under the categories: family, career and self-time. I highly recommend a time audit if you have never completed one. This exercise was the starting point to creating my very own 5 pillar system and MOMENTUM App which is open for a new 28 productivity cycle starting 1st November 2021.

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I really believe in the power of coaching and I continue to have my own coach and participate in personal development programmes. Since my first ever Coffee & Notes was a reflection on mentorship, I would like to share some insights from a current mentorship programme I am involved in called, ‘The Pride’ (imagine a group of lionesses). The theme for this week was ‘being more dangerous’.

I recently attended a workshop by Michael Bunger Stanier who talked about the different components of a worthy goal. I think the same three parts apply to being more dangerous.

  1. It must be thrilling to be dangerous
  2. It must be important to risk being dangerous
  3. It should be daunting or it’s not dangerous enough

I came up with a whole list of ways I could be more dangerous in different areas of my life but I was encouraged to think about being a lioness. What cause was worthy enough to receive my laser focused attention. What would be my prey?

My invitation to you today is to ponder being more dangerous. What does it mean to you?

Keep reflecting,


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