Brain vs Body Burnout

There’s definitely a difference between brain burnout and body burnout. Those with burnout often describe being so exhausted they find it hard to get out of bed and do the simple day to day tasks. Brain burnout is different and something I’ve experience a few times before. It’s trying to file a document on the computer and instead of it taking milliseconds to find the right folder, instead it takes seconds to navigate each folder in the chain. Clunky and clumsy. You might even experience physical symptoms of brain ache as pain around your temples, forehead or back of your head. Have you ever experienced something like this?

I noticed brain fatigue in myself last week. On Monday I told myself, well you just need to manage the situation until the first week of June when you get to disconnect completely in Mallorca. It’s only 4 weeks, you can do it. By the end of the week, brain ache had set in and I knew the holiday wasn’t going to come fast enough. I needed radical self care, immediately.

I find this incredible hard to admit because I teach time and energy management. In fact, ironically I was promoting the time and energy 5 day challenge at the same time as feeling brain fatigue. How could this happen to me? The answer is simple, it’s not just about time management and squeezing even more out of every last minute of the day, it’s about energy management too.
The Truth of It

The truth is February half term and Easter holidays didn’t work out the way I had planned so although I had booked in times for deep rest and fun with the kids, it didn’t work out that way. Essentially I’ve not had a proper break since Christmas.

So I can admit radical self care is the cure, I need a full week off. The hard part though is managing the thoughts and emotions we attach to our productivity. Cancelling the challenge means letting people down and appearing untrustworthy or flaky. Feeling guilty for postponing clients and meetings. What will they think? Will they still want to work with me?

With everything I cancel, my brain is thanking me. Saying yes please and more of this. A full week of deep (brain) rest. So instead of my 5 day challenge, I will be posting on social media my energy recovery week. I hope there will be something to inspire you.
Breaking Through & Standing in Your Power

This isn’t just a cancellation, it’s a breakthrough moment for me. The first time I have radically put myself first in the context of work. And not just this week, I’m letting go of the old ways of getting things done to make way for building the new version which allows for maximum vitality and impact.

So I’m not down or low, there’s no need to worry. I feel very much in my power and that helps us move through those breakthroughs at warp speed with the wind in our hair.

Alternative Time & Energy Secrets Challenge

If instead of feeling disappointed with me you actually respect that I’m walking my talk and would love to learn how to do the same, join my Momentum App.

It includes the full 86 minute time and energy secrets course for as little as £12.28 per month (cancel at anytime). That means you can get everything we would have covered in the 5 day challenge in full detail (plus so much more). You get lifetime access to the course, even if you cancel after 1 month and we have an in-app accountability system and my full written support in the weekly Q&A thread. Quarterly and yearly planning workshops are free bonuses which you can attend as long as you are an active member of the app.
I do hope you will join me in learning how to prioritise yourself, without guilt – so that you can make a bigger impact in the world.

Keep dominating your time and energy 💪


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