Broken Arm

Last week I returned to in-person workshops. The first since March 2020!! While I was away in Bristol, Jenson broke his arm at school. Apparently, he said, “I can’t go to hospital, my mummy isn’t here today.” When I returned home at 7pm, Jenson was hiding his pot arm under a blanket and whipped it out with a, “surprise.” Well, I certainly was surprised because no-one had left me any messages at all!

When I reflected on this, I was very grateful to my partner for not letting me know about something I had no power to help with.

One of the school mums sent me a message saying that the child who pushed Jenson over should be sued. I have to confess; I was a little shocked by this response. Jenson and the child are friends. This is a clear case of children not realising their own physical strength. I have no doubt that his pot arm is a very visual reminder that everyone in the class will learn from.

So why do some people see the best in people, make the best of situations while others see problems and bad intent? If we all operated under the assumption that others are doing the best they can at that given moment in time, how would we perceive the world differently?

Keep opening up,

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