Busy and in control…

Tuesday 8th September 2015 9pm.

I’m in the utility room folding the clean washing into neat piles. One for me, Mark, Oscar and Jenson. The final task to complete so I’m ready to face the next day. Which will start abruptly at 5:30am with Jenson crying for milk.

When I talk about Superwoman and all the plates she’s spinning, how fast she’s moving, often it conjures up an image of being frantic all the time. Not so. Superwoman is busy but she’s also in control. Controlling everything in order to move forwards.

Running through my mind was the notion that, if I didn’t complete all those tasks before bedtime, then I would be starting the next day already behind. I would never be able to catch up.

This is another face of Superwoman. Driven by details and order in a desperate attempt to calm racing thoughts, worry and fears that preoccupy the mind.

Retiring Superwoman doesn’t have to mean that nothing gets done, there is another way. It all starts with holding up a mirror to ourselves and that takes a massive dose of courage.

I’m here to help.

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Keep opening up,

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