The consequence of clarity…

Last week I ran this poll on LinkedIn and it gained 173 votes.

What is your primary goal for your career in 2024?

  1. To change organisations 17%
  2. To improve my current situation 27%
  3. Get paid more 17%
  4. Get clarity on ‘what’s next?’ 39%

How would you have answered that question?

I’m heartened to see so many people wanting to improve their current situations. This helps to avoid bright shiny object syndrome and the alluring push of need to get away from your current situation. The great news is that you can create that towards motivation at the same time by simultaneously getting clarity on ‘what’s next?’.

I have found that when it comes to career direction, clarity is the single biggest determiner of implementation and successful outcomes. Clarity also makes those actions hyper-focused, resulting in more time, energy, and money saved.

It’s like trying to walk through untouched thick jungle and navigate yourself to an unknown pick-up point vs walking through jungle with a cleared pathway, to a known destination, with GPS, a walking buddy and enough drinks, snacks and supplies.

The next question I want you to reflect on is…On a scale of 1-10, how urgent is your need for career design and strategy? (10 is the highest need)

If you answered a 7 or above, I’m offering an opportunity to get the clarity you seek during a brand-new Intentional Careers™ WebClass: How to figure out ‘what’s next?’ and make it happen.

During the Intentional Careers™ webclass, I will introduce my 6-step Career Pivots® Compass framework to help you learn the exact strategies you need to find balance, confidence, and fulfilment in 2024.

Last year, all of my workshops were 90-minutes long and the feedback was fantastic. However, in order to help people really move the needle forwards on their career design strategy I have decided to offer 3hr webclass sessions, so we can cover all of the Career Pivots® Compass methodology. This will provide every piece of the jigsaw and the clarity you need to take focused and intentional action.

It does require a bigger upfront time investment; it will of course be worth it, to clear your 2024 pathway ahead.

Keep opening up,


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PPS In the latest episode of the Women In STEM Career & Confidence podcast, I interviewed two time British Olympian and legend Becky Adlington OBE. During this episode we discuss how despite being a two-time Olympic champion, she viewed swimming as selfish. The mental shift when she retired from swimming and went into business boardrooms, and just how amazing swimming is for transferrable leadership skills. Her mission to enable every child to gain the lifesaving skill of being able to swim and how she is going about making that difference in the world. Tune in on your favourite platform 🎧 iTunes 🎧 Spotify 🎧 Other Platforms.