Do you get poorly as soon as you stop?

The wrapper crackled too loudly. I was trying hard to make the unwrapping silent. It took twice as long this way.

The cough sweet stuck to my fingers as I popped it in my mouth.

It was September 2015. I was as a consortium meeting in Split, Croatia.

Oscar was three and Jenson was one. 

It was the first time I had travelled abroad without the children for work.

By the end of the first day I was finding it hard to swallow.

Opening my mouth in the mirror I inspected my throat.

Red raw.

By the time I was taking my flight home, I was sweating.

An impressive array of white spots covered every inch of my tonsils. 

I felt dreadful.

I always found the lead up to going away without kids so stressful. Organising all the extra childcare, bags, food. You name it, I did it.

During 2013-2016 I was getting tonsillitis six to seven times a year.

When we give everything 100 % and operate at 200 mph from ‘Superwoman’ we put ourselves in an adrenalized state. 

Over time, cortisol weakens the immune system. 

Then it only takes one trip, one meeting or one event to put yourself in major deficit and leave you susceptible to infection.

Do you ever get poorly as soon as you stop?