Do you make decisions from fear?

I sat at the blank computer screen with my 6 week old baby staring up at me future pacing my whole life….

If I apply for a fellowship then I won’t be able to work part time. To do research, I’ll have to be full time and then how could I stop to have another baby?

I had attached a whole “story” to this narrative based on the underlying thoughts and beliefs that I held about myself.

I was approaching that decision from a place of…

“I’m not good enough to do this.”

Then, I made that story the truth. “I definitely can’t do this.” 

A decision made on the premise of fear.

When we make decisions from fear, we put security at the very top of our agenda. This can look different to everyone:


  • Security of being able to work flexibly.
  • Security of income.
  • Security of location.

The trouble with fear and security is that it can be a major block to fulfilling our true potential and feeling purposeful in our careers.


  • It can have us working incredibly hard and not being recognised for our efforts.
  • Stuck doing it all ourselves because we can’t ask for help or don’t trust that the help offered will be of the required standard.
  • Losing focus on the long-term plan, slipping into career inertia.

In my opinion, fear has a lot to answer for!

If fear has been at the forefront in a goal or decision that you have made then achieving that thing may not have felt as satisfying as it should. You simply move onto the next thing.

Check in with yourself, what was the driving force was behind those actions? What would you do differently if money wasn’t an issue and no-one was judging you?

Keep growing,


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