Don’t get splinters in your bottom

By now you must have heard I’m running my ⚖️ 5-Day Time & Energy Secrets Challenge (9th-13th August) ⚖️. Thank you to all those that have registered so far.

If you are not registered, here’s a rundown of how you get can off the fence and join 👇

Who’s it for?

Individuals that…

🆙 say to themselves, they just need to reach the next level then they can drop the evenings and weekends.

🏃 constantly run at 200 mph and push to prove themselves

✔️ want to fulfil their potential, develop high-performance habits and balance the things and people that mean most to them

⏰ Can find 10-15 minutes per day for 5 days

🙋 It is open to absolutely every one and is particularly tailored towards scientific and professional women in the first 10 years of their career, post PhD.


What to expect

⚖️ You’ll discover 5 time and energy secrets to help you become the major asset in your career and balance the things and people that mean most to you.

👭 You’ll be given exclusive access to a private challenge members only Facebook group. This is the best way to access the challenge so that you can receive coaching feedback and share the journey with others experiencing similar challenges.

📧 However, if you do not have Facebook, you can access all of the content via email.

✔️ Everyday from Monday 9th August – Friday 13th August I will share one micro-task which I will hold you accountable for completing in the group.

⏰ Each tasks will take no more than 10-15 minutes to digest and respond to.

🙋 I will be on hand daily with an ‘ask me anything’ thread to get all your questions answered.

What will it help me achieve?

Most of us prioritise work and everyone else first and ourselves last. Complete a high-performance audit, based on 5 leadership pillars and refocus your attention to find balance.

Discover the skill of the century and how to master the art of becoming indistractable so that you can use your keel zones (the times when you are most productive) effectively.

It’s not the number of things on your to do list that the problem. It’s the switching of energy between tasks that causes the biggest energy leakages throughout the day. Uncover the art of replenishing your energy by separating out needs from desires.

94% of failures are systems failures, only 6% are people failures. Based on research from NY University, uncover successful strategies to habit stack and create new routes to successful change.

Technology is often a major distraction; however, it can also be our ally. Discover 5 quick technology hacks to recover time and minimise distractions.

It’s time to get off the fence, Are you in?