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Back in 2011, I started a 12-month postdoc contract and fell pregnant within the first month. The lack of stability and security added accelerant to my Superwoman mode of operating. After that experience, one of the reoccurring things I wanted from my career was a permanent contract. I now view things very differently because actually that 12-month contract was guaranteed, whereas a permanent contract can be ended (with redundancy consultation of course) at anytime.

I’m really present to that challenge at the moment after the news that Pfizer has announced it is cutting 500 jobs at the UK manufacturing site as well as several locations closing down in the US. I was at GSK Stevenage last week delivering my Intentional Careers keynote and a number of people came to see me afterwards because they had just been informed of their redundancy notification too.

When things get uncertain, we often try to control the situation, so it is important to understand what is in our sphere of control, and let go of what is out of our control. One of the best things we can do is reconnect with our big picture vision and get planning.

If you didn’t manage to join the Planning 2024 Workshop live, you can access the replay until 1st January 2024. I do not normally give access to these workshops outside of my coaching programmes so this is a one off opportunity.

Planning 2024 Workshop (REPLAY)
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Please note, I forgot to hit record for the first 30 minutes so it’s best to give yourself 10 minutes to journal on the reflection questions on page 3 of the workbook before starting the recording.

Using Recruiters Effectively

If you are looking for a new career opportunity at the moment, one incredible category of people to be connected with on LinkedIn is recruiters/talent acquisition partners.

In this week’s episode of the Women in STEM Career & Confidence podcast, I talk to my colleague Dan Fenwick.

Previously as MD of a leading management consultancy, CMO of a Berlin-based Leadership Development company, Founder of a community-driven physical and mental health and wellness CIC (Community Interest Company) and now Co-Founder at Venture 10 – Talent Matchmaking Specialists.

In this podcast episode we talk about:

  • How recruiters can help you in your career strategy and what information you should take to a potential recruiter.
  • Why large organisations, not just small ones, outsource recruitment.
  • What to look out for when aligning to a recruitment agency.

Listen to the podcast episode here:

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