Equity Gap

#internationalwomensday2023 was incredible. Did you celebrate? I was with the Women @ Microsoft Network at their headquarters in Reading facilitating three workshops.

I always leave workshops on a massive high, so I quite like having a couple of hours drive home to reflect and land fully back in. Today, I want to take the time to share what I was thinking about. An example of addressing equity in my own life.

A few weeks ago Elsie’s teacher invited parents, caregivers, and grandparents, to come into the reception class on a Friday (just before pick up), to read a book to the whole class.

The sign-up sheet appeared on the notice board, I checked my schedule and added my name. As I turned to leave, the teacher said thoughtfully, “we haven’t got any men on the list. I’ll have to give it another push by email.”

But all the slots soon went, and no men signed up.

I talked to my husband about it. I asked if he could make the slot I had signed up to work in his schedule. Just like that we had moved the needle a little bit in the direction towards equity.

Sometimes the path to equity means forfeiting an opportunity. I would have loved to read to the class. This of course is a tiny example, but imagine a world where everyone made a sacrifice towards equity.

Where would we be then towards bridging the >100 year equity gap?

Keep Opening Up,


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