The grass is always greener…or is it?

Let me present to you a scenario for a moment…

You have been in your position at work for 3 years. You have been promised a promotion but it has not materialised yet. Your boss relies heavily on one person in particular and that person is not you. Resentment is building, to the point where you just keep your mouth shut, head down, get the job done.

Demotivated and unfulfilled.

But that’s not you.

You like to be buzzing with new ideas and opinions.
You care about the work you do and the impact it creates.
You want to step up and feel ready for a new challenge.

Then it happens. You spot a new job opportunity and it appears like a bright shining beacon of hope.

A new beginning.

A fresh start is just what you need…or is it?

If you are trying to get away from the overbearing or absent boss, backstabbing colleagues, culture of evening and weekend working as standard, unfortunately the same situations can replay out in a different environment.
Because you take yourself and your approach to dealing with these situations with you wherever you go.
I am a strong advocate for making the current situation as good as it can be by letting go of the thoughts, beliefs and emotions that are not serving you and developing a tool kit of resources to approach these situations differently, while defining what you do want and taking micro-steps towards this each and every week.
There’s nothing lost at all if you apply for the bright shiny object; just make sure it is something you really want first, rather than a great escape.


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Keep reflecting,


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