How horses mirror your natural leadership style

What can a horse teach you about your natural leadership style? Yesterday I discovered so much about myself, because horses act as your mirror.

If you were asked to lead a horse around a couple of cones 20m apart, how would you do it?

Would you give it a short leash, or a long one?
Slack or taught?

I witnessed leading from the front, collaborative leadership, leading from behind, leading by invitation.

Apparently, I got the horse to move purely because I set the intention, got into the energy of action and the horse simply followed my lead. We were head-to-head which means in collaboration too. Honestly, it felt easy and enjoyable because it was my natural style.

Then there was the exercise to manoeuvre the horse backwards into a pen. No matter how many times I circled round and aligned the horse straight, I couldn’t get it to go backwards. Even though I managed it in the end with the help of some team members, I could hear the internal chatter in my brain going off, comparing myself to others and telling myself off for taking too many attempts.

The voice of my Inner Critic. The part that makes you feel less than others and comes in to criticise you into being perfect. In that moment, I was able to recognise it was my Inner Critic at work and dial it down again. In the past though, that internal chatter would have circled round and round my head, until rumination morphed into a sure-fire catastrophe!

Don’t worry, these voices or ‘selves’ are perfectly normal and you move between different modes every single day. One voice might say, “go for a walk at lunchtime” and another voice might say, “no, you have far too much work to do, sit at your desk and eat.” Depending upon which voice is strongest determined the actions you take.

Most people are now aware of the term imposter syndrome, but it’s just a blanket term being used to describe specific unwanted behaviours, such as, not going for a promotion, being unable to speak up in a meeting, overpreparing etc. The real problem actually lies underneath those behaviours. It is our ‘selves’ that dictate the actions such as The Perfectionist, The Pleaser and The Pusher.

Come and learn your personal ‘selves’ stress tag team and how to separate from their agendas and regain real choice in your behaviours and actions on my free strategy session Sunday 7th May 20:00-21:30 BST. Because, if you try to navigate your career from, “I’m not quite good enough.” The results you get will be wildly different to if you identify which ‘selves’ are keeping you stuck in that pattern, and getting space from them, to enable the power of choice. Because when a ‘self’ is driving your career, you don’t have control over the destination.

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✅An understanding of your unique ‘selves’ stress tag team and how to move beyond imposter syndrome by separating from their agenda and regaining real choice in your behaviours and actions.
✅ How to utilise the 5-step VOICE™ methodology to break old patterns of behaviour and unlock your true potential.
✅ Three gold standard tools to quieten the Inner Critic.

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