I’m not good enough, is that what it all boils down to?

One of the things I hear most from my clients is, “I’ve lost confidence and my sense of self” and therefore “I’m not good enough”. Self-esteem and self-value are different. I truly believe that you can value yourself immediately and here are my notes on why.


All that it requires is being present to the value that you bring to others and seeing yourself as others see you. When you can pop outside yourself and see yourself as others see you, that’s when you can start to get a sense of the value you provide.

That can happen in an instant. Try it now.


Self-esteem is the cumulative confidence that builds each time you contribute value. So, if you contribute value to somebody and then you get a reward/achievement or a sense of meaning then that contributes to your self-esteem.

Now here comes the big question…what’s my value?


For me, value comprises of your: vision, purpose, mission, natural talents and motivational drivers. You can define all five of these components, I have tools and exercises to help you do just that.

When you truly own your value, you will build self-esteem in a career that has impact, meaning, joy and where you can excel…AND you’ll get paid what you are worth.

I have learnt my own lessons in valuing myself over the last few years. I do charge for my coaching; the prices reflect the value that I bring.

Here’s all the ways you can work with me. Some FREE and some paid.

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