Inspiring Stories 003 – Keiana Cave

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Join me for Season 2 of Women in STEM Career & Confidence, an inspiring stories series with guests. 003 Inspiring Stories with Keiana Cave 🔥 Forbes 30 under 30

💊 CEO of Sublima Pharmaceuticals a start-up working to launch the first non-hormonal birth control pill
👭🏿 Advocate for women health equality
🧬 Ambassador for OLAY working to showcase women and women of colour in STEM to girls can see themselves in this field

In her inspiring story we look at:

✔️ What is a non-hormonal birth control pill and why it might be advantageous as an alternative

✔️ Keiana’s personal story of birth control side effects and how she wants to change the face of women’s health

✔️ Keiana’s top leadership lessons


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