Inspiring Stories 008 – Grace Andrews

Inspiring Story 008 Dr Grace Andrews, VP of Scientific Research, Project Vesta one of the leading innovators featured on “Solving for Zero” a Bill Gates with Wondrium documentary premiering 8th April 2022.

Dr. Grace Andrews has dedicated her career to combating climate change. She works on new Negative Emission Technologies (NETs) which address climate change by removing carbon dioxide from the Earth’s atmosphere. Grace currently serves as the VP of Scientific Research for Project Vesta, advancing the science of an ocean-based NET called Coastal Carbon Capture.

As part of her academic career, Grace led scientific expeditions to some of the most beautiful places on the planet, including the Greenland Ice Sheet, Fiordland, New Zealand, and the Al Hajar Mountains in Oman. These experiences cemented her desire to work to protect the rich and diverse ecosystems on Earth, and in turn, the people and cultures who are intimately and uniquely connected to Earth’s resources. Grace received her PhD in Earth and Planetary Sciences from Northwestern University. After acquiring her PhD, she worked for the Leverhulme Centre for Climate Change Mitigation in the United Kingdom and deployed the first large pilot projects of a NET called Terrestrial Enhanced Weathering.

Grace recently moved to New Jersey with her partner and two young children. She is committed to building adventure and exploration into her kid’s lives, by watching lightning storms with the windows open, splashing in the creek behind the house, or traveling the globe with them.

During this episode of Women in STEM Career & Confidence we discuss:

🏖️ The technology of costal carbon capture and it’s dual climate change benefits.

🎓 The 2 main reasons Grace transitioned from academia into industry and her advice for others making this transition.

⚖️ How Grace has stepped into leadership and how she created strong boundaries between work-life.





Project Vesta: “Solving for Zero” Film & Series to premiere on Wondrium – Film premieres on April 8 followed by the series on April 15, 2022 – link to Wondrium (


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