Inspiring Stories 011 – Nia Asemota

📣 Introducing Nia Asemota

🚀 Nia is an Afro-Latina former NASA software engineer, illustrator, and recent alum at NYU’s School of Engineering.

🖤 Her mission is to create products, tools, and characters that positively represent the beauty, diversity, and intelligence of underrepresented communities.

📗 Nia’s first self-published book, Black Girls CODE the Future Colouring Book, is an ode to inspiring girls of colour in STEM and has inspired thousands of girls in locations spanning North America, Africa, Europe, South America, and Asia.

In her inspiring story podcast episode, we look at:

  1. Nia’s personal career journey and changing directions
  2. Why she created Black Girls CODE the Future Colouring Book
  3. Her next steps for advocacy

Check out Nia’s book here:

Twitter: @niaasemota


Instagram: @artxnia

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