Inspiring Stories 016 – Dr Natsuko Suwaki CLIENT STORY

Inspiring Stories 016 – Dr Natsuko Suwaki CLIENT STORY

It can sometimes be hard to define the tangible outcomes you get from coaching. In this episode, I’m joined by Dr Natsuko Suwaki. In the last two years, since starting 1:1 coaching, Natsuko has made two big bold moves in her career at GSK.

From the Global Labelling Delivery Manager to Operations Manager and more recently to Governance & Standards Director in Legal & Compliance.

Join us is discovering how she has implemented the coaching insights and tools to become the person at work where just the right opportunities land on her lap. Being able to have the capacity to take on a big vision passion project in the EDI space and doing all of that while improving relationships and balance at home too. She is truly an inspiration.

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