Inspiring Stories 020 – Andrea Pacini

Inspiring Stories 020 – Andrea Pacini

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Today I talk to Andrea Pacini. He is a presentation coach and Head of Ideas on Stage UK. He specialises in working with business owners, leaders and their teams who want to become more confident presenters.

In the last 12 years Ideas on Stage has worked with thousands of clients around the world, including companies like Microsoft, Lacoste, The World Bank and over 500 TEDx speakers. Andrea is on a mission to stop great ideas from failing just because of the way they are presented. His vision is to help hundreds of thousands of business leaders share their message so they can grow their business, increase their influence and make a positive impact in the world.

During this episode I take Andrea back to my own public speaking challenges and he is spot on with his insights and advice.

Andrea gives us a sneak preview into his 5 step SCORE methodology which will also be in his book Confident Presenter coming out in 2023

This episode made me laugh so much, thank you to Andrea for accepting my tongue twister challenge!

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