Inspiring Stories 023 – Lara Lalemi

Inspiring Stories 023 – Lara Lalemi

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Today I talk to Lara Lalemi, CEO of Creative Tuition Collective and aerosol chemistry PhD student. Lara is also involved in LGBTQIA+ projects and a decolonising science consultancy. Definitely a woman with a strong navigational purpose on a mission in the world.

Lara is a London-born researcher with a passion for bringing new, innovative and progressive practices to more than just one of her environments.
Drawn to the world of environmental research and climate change, Lara upon receiving her undergraduate degree took to completing a Doctorate in Aerosol Chemistry at the University of Bristol, studying properties which affect the growth of clouds.
Currently, as the Chief Executive Officer of Creative Tuition Collective (CTC), Lara is striving to increase accessibility and opportunities in STEM for people from all walks of life. CTC offers young people from marginalised groups free and inclusive STEM tuition, skills building workshops and professional mental health support groups.
As part of her role which ranges from leading change-making conversations to organising undergraduate courses. She explores how the scientific community can begin to address the inequalities within it through her DEI and decolonisation training courses. By creating spaces that integrate supportive mentoring, curriculum diversity, and interdisciplinary work, she hopes to foster sustainable social mobility for young people through the use of science and technology.
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