Inspiring Stories 028 – Dr Erika Parkinson – CLIENT STORY

Inspiring Stories 028 – Dr Erika Parkinson – Client Story

Understanding our natural talents is crucial in career design and fulfilment. Often, we make ourselves bad and wrong for not being talented at a particular skill. For example, not being a big picture thinker, or not being great at networking. As a result, we end up not being able to appreciate when we are adding great value, because those things feel too easy.

When I first started working with Dr Erika Parkinson, she was employed as the Project Manager of Dorset Clinical Trials Unit at University Hospitals Dorset NHS Foundation. Up until that point, she had been forcing herself to deliver outside of her leadership strengths to the point of burnout. Putting in more hours to compensate, can only work as a strategy for so long. Through our coaching work, she became clear on her talents and is now able to appreciate and add her unique value as Director of R&D at TopMD with a sustainable work-life balance.

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