Inspiring Stories 029 – Dr Mihaela Taranu – CLIENT STORY

Inspiring Stories 029 – Dr Mihaela Taranu – Client Story

Today I am joined by one of my clients, Dr Mihaela Taranu, a psychologist specialising in metacognitive therapy and a postdoc at Aarhus University Denmark.

We talk about how making a shift in your career also changes your identity. The more we cling to our old identity, the more we will ignore evidence it is not a match for us. This is why taking the next step in your career is an emotional journey as much as a practical one.

Mihaela talks about her favourite part of the Career Design Mastermind programme. Aligning your purpose-mission-vision to understand your next career pivot.

We also bring distinction to the Inner Critic and how to have a more supportive internal narrative.

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