Inspiring Stories 030 – Dr Kasia Zmarzly – CLIENT STORY

Inspiring Stories 030 – Dr Kasia Zmarzly – Client Story

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Today on Women in STEM Career & Confidence I’m joined by Dr Kasia Zmarzly, Programme Manager at LGC supporting management of NIHR and NHS England funding calls.

During this episode Kasia talks about her coaching journey:

And how she learnt that leadership starts with self-leadership. Putting yourself first is not selfish, it’s essential for your success.

How Kasia felt capable but it wasn’t translating to confidence, until we stopped the old patterns of behaviours from repeating, using trigger tracking and by unpicking bonding patterns (our default position in relationships).

How Kasia has had a big shift in her approach to work, becoming an advocate for work-life balance and that means being able to speak up and say the uncomfortable things.

You are going to love Kasia, so let’s dig in.


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