Inspiring Stories 035 – Professor Alexandra Knight

Inspiring Stories 035 – Professor Alexandra Knight

I’m thrilled to introduce my next inspiring stories guest, Professor Alexandra Knight. Alex is a Chartered Engineer, Fellow of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers and Fellow of the Women’s Engineering Society. After a career of over 15 years in Industry working in engineering consultancy and innovation, she founded STEMAZING – a social enterprise dedicated to inspiration and inclusion in STEM.

Through the organisation’s two key themes – STEMAZINGWomen and STEMAZINGKids, Alex leads several not-for-profit initiatives to empower women in STEM and link this to inspiring our future generations of innovators and problem-solvers. To date STEMAZING has supported hundreds of women in STEM globally to level-up as visible role models and run over 80,000 STEMAZINGKids experiments for 7 – 9 year olds.

Alex is also a Visiting Professor with the Royal Academy of Engineering at Brunel University London, regular keynote speaker at events and schools, and has featured on TV shows on Channel 5, Prime and CuriosityStream. In 2023 so far Alex has been included in the Top 30 Inspirational Business Women in STEM at the House of Lords and shortlisted for the Agent of Change award at the Northern Power Women Awards.

In this episode we talk about:

  • The barriers Alex faced as a woman in engineering and leadership which made her acutely aware of the need for role models.
  • How she activated her vision for STEMAZING.
  • Alex’s rallying call for STEM Women to join the mission.

Connect with Alex:

LinkedIn: Alex and STEMAZING

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