International Women’s Day, now what?

As you can imagine, I’ve had the most amazing week facilitating various workshops for International Women’s Day. One of the questions raised by a participant of the Women in Research Network at The University of York was around what happens after today? How do we continue to make meaningful change towards equity?

When the government brought in legislation to tackle single use plastics by charging 10p per bag, it changed our behaviours. I diligently go to the supermarket with my reusable bags and if I forget, I would rather pile everything up so I can barely see out the top rather than buy another bag.

To bring about equality we need legislation changes. These changes very rarely come as a result of the governments own thinking though. It is usually a group of advocates that do the lobbying to highlight legislative solutions.

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.”

– Margaret Mead

In order for us to be able to be involved in advocating at: government, university, workplace or even in our own homes, we need to start by shifting our cultural and workplace biases. To do this though, we need to be resourced enough individually to even be able to even contemplate advocating. Otherwise, it’s another thing on the to-do list that gets bumped down the priority list because we simply can’t manage it all.

You are the major asset in your life. If you go down, burnout then everyone and everything around us is massively impacted too. You are the most important thing in the whole equation of work-life balance and yet many of us don’t even feature on our own priority lists.

This needs to change. It starts now.

You are the major asset in your life.

What would you be prioritising or doing differently if you treated yourself like the major asset that you are?

When you do feature first, notice the shift for yourself internally from the functional – this is what I do. To the vital – this is what I’m up to in the world.

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I do hope you will join me in purposefully and intentionally planning the next 90 days.

Keep opening up,


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