Sometimes we need to learn a lesson more than once…

I spent last week in Washington DC facilitating a 3-day leadership training event for early-mid career professionals in phonics and optics, on behalf of Optica. This is the third year I’ve run the training, and it has fast become one of the highlights of my yearly calendar. We even had an impromptu conga!

Whenever I’m travelling, I always book a take-off and landing days and if you don’t do this already, I highly recommend trying it out.

The purpose of the take-off day is to ensure that I don’t have any client work so I can focus on getting my inbox cleared, priorities actioned and bags packed and ready for travel.

The landing day allows me to return back to work gently, reflect on what I have learned and anything I want to do differently, clear my inbox, and redefine my priorities and plan for the rest of the week ahead. A non-negotiable for my landing days are no client work, which means no 1:1 coaching, group coaching, or workshops because put simply – I need to be at my best to deliver these.

This year though, I extended my travel in the US by 1 day so that I wasn’t rushing to the airport straight from the training and I could really enjoy the networking event in the evening. However, I already had an International Women’s Day event booked in which I could not move and so said to myself, “Ah it’s not a problem it’s a one-off event and I’ll sleep on the plane so I’ll be fine.” Oh, how easily we forget the reality of situations like this. I landed back in the UK after sleeping for 20 minutes on the flight and delivered a decent workshop, but I certainly wasn’t at my best, and that’s not how I like to show up. In fact, if I’m being truthful, at one point I even felt dizzy from the tiredness and this is not okay.

I’m owning up to this because to be in integrity with myself, my actions need to be in line with what I advocate for. And in that moment, I fell short. I know we all do at times. So, if you fall short, please don’t let your Inner Critic go wild, instead have compassion for yourself. Press the reset button and do things differently next time. I know I will.

Keep opening up,


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