I’ve Spent Many An Unhappy Year

My friend is an amazing coach and she had permission from her group coaching session last night to share the insights. One of her clients said, “I’ve spent many an unhappy year in a clean house.”

I’ve been there. What a truth bomb.

They all went around the group and said their own version of this.

“I’ve spent many an unhappy year in a committed relationship”
“I’ve spent many an unhappy year in a job”
“I’ve spent many an unhappy year starving my body”
“I’ve spent many an unhappy year surrounded by these people”
“I’ve spent many an unhappy year trying to be neurotypical.”
“I’ve spent many an unhappy year not living my potential.”

And here’s mine to add to the mix.

“I spent many an unhappy year feeling alone in a room full of people.”

Ooof, yes that realisation hit me hard a few years ago.

My hearts longing was to not feel different, to feel wanted and to belong. I certainly have that now. Upon reflection, I also had it back then too but I was unable to see or feel it.

I was standing in my own way.

What would your “I’ve spent many an unhappy year…” be?
What is your heart longing to try instead?
Do you now have it?
If not, what would you need to know in order to move towards it?

Hit replay and let me know.

Keep Opening Up,


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