Did You Know I Have An App?

It’s only a few more days until the deadline I said to myself.

I’d worked all day, done all the home stuff and there I was back with the computer screen glaring at me. It was 9pm, I felt dizzy but still I pushed through to finish at 10:40pm. Done.

One deadline though quickly gets replaced by another and another and another.

It’s an insidious spiral that creeps up on you over time.

I destroyed myself over a number of years for that job. When I left, I felt I was owed so much and yet I was barely given an acknowledgement. “Oh yeah, you really helped us out.”

HELPED YOU OUT!!! I destroyed myself, deprioritised my relationships, my health.

If you are waiting for the validation, the acknowledgement, the praise, ask yourself what for?

It may never come.

I believe, we need to focus on our own internal validation systems and make ourselves the primary asset in our careers.

❌ If you are so busy, you’re not getting the important things done
❌ Have a PhD in procrastination
❌ Feel reactive rather than proactive
❌ When you have time, you have no energy
❌ Get decision fatigue
❌ Allow your health and/or relationships to suffer for your career

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Don’t keep saying to yourself, “when X is finished, then I’ll reclaim balance in my life.”
Stop feeling frustrated that your partner can’t understand why you don’t have a choice to work evenings and weekends.
Let go of the guilt that you are not doing anything as well as you would like.

Something has to change. We need a new approach.

If not now, when?

Keep dominating your time and energy 💪


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