Your mountain of value…

“I’m really good at mentoring colleagues at work. I can see with precision all their strengths and weaknesses and advise them. Why then do I have so much trouble doing it for myself,” said one of my clients. Perhaps you’ve wondered the same thing yourself?

I once heard the story of a mountaineer who scaled Mount Kilimanjaro. At the summit, it took all of 10 seconds absorbing the breathtakingly stunning view before he exclaimed, “Look at that mountain! Wouldn’t it be cool to climb that mountain over there?”

Proximity bias is when you are so close to something, you can’t see its real value.

We often don’t take the time to fully appreciate the mountain of value we are already stood on. Our value. From the top of our own mountains, it is so easy to look across at other people ascending theirs and appreciating just how magnificent they are, or perhaps comparing ourselves unfavourably and finding that we come up short.

The Career Design Mastermind is a unique opportunity to uncover and really appreciate your own mountain of value. It will help you fully decipher your value: vision, purpose, mission, natural talents and values to be able to intentionally plot your next career pivot and all the pivot points to come.

“You can’t connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards.” – Steve Jobs

I’m having some insightful conversations with people interested in joining cohort 5 of the Career Design Mastermind (a 6-month group coaching programme) commencing 1st January 2024. I have a maximum intake of 12 and 6 places have already been snapped up. If 2024 is the year to accelerate your career and you want to know if the Career Design Mastermind is right for you, book a call.

Imagine what becomes possible when you have a compelling vision to navigate, a purpose that rigorously drives your passion, and a mission that is fulfilling because it masters your natural talents.

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