My Worst Nightmare

It was 5pm, three little heads bobbing up and down on the trampoline, I was dishing out tea.

“Tea’s ready”, I shouted out the back door.

Oscar washed his hands and sat down first, followed by Jenson. Where was Elsie? 


I wasn’t panicking at this stage, I told Mark to go and get her from the garden but he couldn’t find her anywhere.

My worst nightmare. 

We started shouting for her inside and out. Mark ran to the bottom of the road and couldn’t see her anywhere. The tone of my voice getting more and more anguished.

Just like that, she appeared on the driveway. The relief! I grabbed her and held her so tight but the adrenaline took hours to pass through me.

There are only four houses on our road. Her friend from pre-school lives two doors down and for the first time she had decided to go past the imaginary line that we talk about (the end of our driveway) to see if he was there.

It’s moments just like this that bring me back to the ground with a thump!

I get very consumed in my work because I feel deeply my vision, purpose and mission but to be able to deliver that, I need to feel connected with those I love most. Yet they don’t always get the best of me. 

I set up my business to specifically work for our family. It’s not always an easy balance that’s for sure. Although I work full time hours my mantra is that I’m a full-time mum and a part-time business owner. It helps me put things in perspective.

What do you need to get into perspective today?