Nike is really my middle name

Did you know that my middle name is NIKE? 

Yes, you hear me right, Nike like the sports brand. It’s something I have used as a conversational ice breaker for many years. 

Tag line, “just do it”. 

Last week an old friend posted about swimming the Menai Straits and how much he enjoyed the swim.

When I looked it up, I thought, “I’d like to do that too… I’ll enter it next year.” 

Why do we put these things off? It’s definitely a pattern I have noticed in my life. In a bid to feel fully prepared, I tell myself, I’ll do it in the future. During the interim time, the thoughts start…

  • “I haven’t swum enough distance.”
  • “I don’t know the currents.”
  • “What if I can’t handle the cold?”

Then we move onto catastrophising the worst-case scenario.

By the time the event comes around, I’ve let so much fear seep in that I no longer feel able or want to do it. That stops me even trying.

After years of applying the very coaching tools I use with my clients, usually my Inner Critic (Imposter Syndrome) is pretty quiet these days.

My Inner Critic tends to only show up now when I’m going big. When I’m really stretching myself. I thanked my Inner Critic for bringing all of these thoughts to my attention. I went through each concern in turn and realised that.

  1. I can swim the distance.
  2. I have been swimming outdoors without a wetsuit all Summer and this swim is wetsuit compulsory so cold isn’t a problem.
  3. I won’t get swept out to sea and drown as there’s 5 boats to 12 people, a swimmer guide and it’s a fully organised event.

Once I had really let my Inner Critic be heard, found the information it was looking for, it went quiet.

There’s absolutely no reason not to do this swim next week. 

So, I’m taking a leaf out of my namesakes’ book and I will. JUST. DO. IT.

Just do it…not for the glory. Not for a medal. Not for anything other than for the experience and for fun!

Have you ever pre-empted a situation so much that fear stopped you doing it or stopped you enjoying it?

Speak Soon,


PS Hit reply, tell me your situation, and what the thoughts were that got in the way.