Organising vs Planning

When I was 11 years old, I forgot my geography workbook and was told off by the teacher. From that moment onwards, I became very responsible and organised to avoid getting in trouble. I would pack my bag the night before and kept a note pad and pen on my bedside table. If I remembered something, I would jot it down and add the items the next morning. It was such an effective strategy!

Although I learnt from quite a young age to be organised, planning my life did not feature on my radar until 5 years ago. I had always worked as hard as I could to make a difference, succeed and move forwards but there was no final destination or marker points on the way.

It’s a bit like driving to Oban to see some undefined wildlife without a map. How would I know which roads to take or where to stop for fuel and lunch? If I did somehow managed to get there, which animals should I spot and where should I go to see them? I may even manage to stumble across a sea eagle by accident, which I would be happy about but when should I stop searching for more? How would I know if I had met my intention?

On Tuesday 30th November I’m running the 2022 Planning Workshop. Breaking your life vision down into 5-, 3- and 1-year plans with a detailed plan for 2022 and fine level planning for Q1 of 2022. If you have already nailed your plan for 2022, I salute you 🖖🏻. If you would like some support to create yours, hit reply to be added to the pre-sale list. Tickets will be £12.50, yes there will be a recording if you cannot attend live.

It’s planning time 💪


PS Hit reply to be added to the pre-sale list for the 2022 Planning Workshop.

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