Paddle hard and surf the wave

Sometimes we need to slow down in order to speed up.

I started a business accelerator programme in April. In the first session they introduced the maxim –

“Paddle hard and surf the wave.”

We even called our accountability group Wave 7 because apparently the 7th wave is always the biggest. Who knew?

Earlier this week I wrote about noticing the early warning signs of brain burnout and took decisive action. I kept three key pieces of work that I didn’t want to reschedule and the rest of the time has allowed for that deep rest I was so clearly in need of.

A little like a roundabout at full speed, coming to a halt brought back focus. In slowing down, everything became much clearer.

I realised that I had been simultaneously paddling in two different directions. Moving towards what I do want but at the same time taking actions which make me swim against the current. I could finally see what had been happening and where I needed to place my time, efforts and intentions.

Can you give yourself the gift of clarity by slowing down? Where in your life might you be paddling in two different directions?
Keep opening up,


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