A role that only death could release her from

No matter you stance on the royal family, Queen Elizabeth II demonstrated restraint, duty, service, presence and femininity. For that I am truly grateful.

The show reels of highlights were prepared. The protocols of succession and next steps were already well known and documented.

It was a role that only death could release her from and she played her part as statesperson dutifully right until the very end. Every document she signed off with “your servant, Elizabeth.”

In a moment of reflection, I realised that unlike the Queen, we are not life-bound to a single role and career. We have choice and in choice there is huge power.

Chose the power to make a dent for peace, prosperity, people and the planet in global partnership. Fulfilment your measure of success.

If you would like to share what the Queen’s death means to you, my inbox is open for your reflections.

Of service to my clients in the context of global goals 5 and 8 of sustainable development.

Hannah x