Reclaiming Your Power

I had just finished my stint of the driving to Scotland, we stopped for a break at Greta Green before I relaxed into the passenger position to enjoy the last moments of 4G before we went further north into the patchy reception zone.

One last look at LinkedIn I said to myself, only to find a message in my inbox. A query about my recent Nature Careers article outlining a mistake in my reference attribution. Ouch!

The article had been release at the beginning of June so I politely responded to the query and said I would deal with it on my return from holiday, not seeing any urgency. I didn’t get the response that I was expecting. It was clear that they needed to see immediate action. I put myself in their shoes and duly wrote to the editors immediately to start the ball rolling.

Later that day, we arrived on the Isle of Mull. Such a magical place, I felt instantly at peace as my mind and body started to unwind. The only place I could get any internet access was a separate “hut” in the grounds so once a day I had my little “social media fix”. Another message in my inbox asking for an update! I had received a reply from the editor wanting further clarification on the issue so I responded believing that I must because I felt the external pressure to provide some form of update.

It infiltrated the first 3 days of my holiday before I finally stepped back into my power. I couldn’t make any edits to the original document without my laptop and I didn’t want to think about it on holiday so I made it clear that I didn’t want to introduce further errors by not being able to edit the original document and set the 5 day boundary. It made such a difference to the rest of my holiday and I could finally detach from work.

Quite rightly, it did of course get fully resolved my first day back in the office. A simple reference update.

How many of us allow another persons agenda or the need to “please” others cloud our better judgements and take us out of our power? I will certainly be extending an out of office to my LinkedIn inbox next year!

Keep opening up,


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