Relief From The Storm

If you are living in the UK, you’ll know that yesterday was the 2nd hottest day on record.

A staggering 38.1°C recorded in Cambridge.

I’m in Cheshire, and I can tell you I was uncomfortably hot!

I took a cold shower before bed but within minutes my feet were throbbing.

Didn’t even attempt to get to sleep.

I knew there was a thunderstorm brewing.

Feeling the anticipation of the flashes and rumbles.

With the first flash, lighting up the whole sky the rain erupted and drenched the garden.

I felt a huge relief wash over me.

The breeze flapped the curtains and I started to cool down.

I remember feeling like this before.

Once back in 2010 when I made the decision to finally see a counsellor for my anxiety and panic attacks.

The acute symptoms were relieved. 

I learned to live with anxiety lurking in the background.

Over analysing situations.

Finding it hard to speak up in meetings without the physical response.

Worrying what others were thinking about me.

Not being able to say no to my crazy workload.

The final relief came in 2016, when I signed up to be coached.

I was ready to leave it behind once and for all. It had hindered my entire post degree life and had taken so many choices off the table.

I didn’t want to live like that anymore.

Finally, relief.

Sometimes it can feel like the only way to get through the heat is to manage the symptoms with a cold shower (or two), but perhaps the only way to get that nice cool breeze is to face the full wrath of the storm?