Rest-Recover-Action Cycles

It’s been a little while since my last Coffee & Notes, in the interim I’ve had a 40th birthday celebrations in Ibiza with three of my oldest friends from school. I knew I would love the spa hotel, swimming in turquoise seas, and connection with my friends. I wasn’t entirely convinced I would enjoy clubbing. And yet, I found myself all dressed up ready for Calvin Harris making my friends laugh by being continuously surprised, “oh I know this one” I shouted as every song came on 🤦🤣…

I reflected on the same time a year ago. I gave myself an emergency week off work just two weeks before a planned vacation. On the one hand, I was proud of myself for not pushing through to just get to the holiday, as I would have done in the past. Which let’s be honest, probably would have resulted in me getting sick as soon as I stopped to rest.

This year, I was going into Ibiza in good shape. In fact, I’ve had a lot of planned holidays so far this year, including an advanced 4-day meditation retreat in Glastonbury, 7-day family holiday to Anglesey, weekend camping trip with 8 families, and then Ibiza.

I was telling a friend about how great it felt to be rested but how this year felt like a constant stop-start. Full on action and then nothing. Full on action and then nothing. She reminded me that it wasn’t a linear process, it was actually cyclical.

The rest-recover-action cycle.

As soon as she said it was a cycle, I felt my whole-body ease. Of course, it makes sense in hindsight. I was able to achieve more in a shorter space of time with less effort and sustainably because of the rest. Now all I have to do is plan these cycles intentionally rather than by accident 🙄.

“When we move from linear thinking into cyclical ways of being, everything is easier.” – Dr Hannah Roberts

Hit reply and let me know how you could implement the rest-recover-action cycle into your life?

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