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imposter syndrome

imposter syndrome

Discover 8 strategies to deal with imposter syndrome and a challenge to up your game


The myth of
I’m too busy

Master the habits of time and energy management in 6 simple steps


The pocket size guide
to 'what's next?'

Uncover the 5 qualities that motivate you and how leverage these to feel fulfilled.

Coffee & Notes

The Mute Flappy Bird

Two years ago, I signed up to become a One of Many Trainer but due to covid-19 the practical 5-day intensive was postponed until last week. I believe it is...

Organising vs Planning

When I was 11 years old, I forgot my geography workbook and was told off by the teacher. From that moment onwards, I became very responsible and organised to avoid...

Who Do You Judge The Most?

I swim in the mornings three times a week. Unfortunately, there’s no lane ropes in due to covid so it’s a bit of a free for all! Usually, people stay...

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