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imposter syndrome

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Coffee & Notes

I’ve Spent Many An Unhappy Year

My friend is an amazing coach and she had permission from her group coaching session last night to share the insights. One of her clients said, “I’ve spent many an...

Momentum Under The Microscope

It’s the season for holidays, extended long weekends and breaks. They are amazing for replenishment but that doesn’t always equate to lots of rest. Replenishment can come in many forms: physical,...

Pressing The Reset Button

You may or may not have noticed, it's been a couple of weeks since the last Coffee & Notes blog. I had been on a weekly roll for some time so...

Women in STEM Career & Confidence Podcast

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140 – Asking for a Raise

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139 – Audience Q Strategy

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138 – Career Pivots Compass Step 3: Leadership Pathways