How do you manage it all?
This is the question I get asked most frequently.

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I run my own coaching business, have three young children and exercise five times a week to compete in open water swimming. All of this is the perfect excuse for the limiting belief of “I’m too busy”. I used to say it to myself all the time.

8 years ago, I was at the height of what I call, “superwoman mode”. Running at 200 mph, relentlessly pushing to prove myself. I felt overwhelmed, tired all the time and suffered from diminished performance and eroded confidence.

Knowing that my own repeating patterns of behaviour were at the very core of it I decided to deal with it once and for all.

In the past, I'd had counselling and CBT for anxiety. It got me 60% to where I wanted to be. Being coached gave me the elusive 40% back, whilst simultaneously opening up a whole new set of skills and resources that I didn't even know existed within me.

I found the tools so uncomplicated, yet profound that I went through a rigorous 12-month qualification to coach and teach these exact tools. I am now a fully regulated coach with over 60 gold standard coaching and NLP-based tools to support your journey.

Becoming a coach also meant really tackling the systems and processes it takes to be highly-effective and find true balance. I invested over £20K in courses and reading material on these skills so you don't have to.

This Time & Energy Secrets Productivity App is all of that learning, simplified into the core and essential parts without the waffle and straight to the point.

Are you ready to become the major asset in your career?


Introducing MOMENTUM,
the Time & Energy Secrets App


Object 8

Access to MOMENTUM, the Time & Energy Secrets App – 24/7 access to all the tools and systems to keep you accountable and on track without needing to go on any social media platform

Object 9

Lifetime access to the Time & Energy Secrets course designed to help you increase productivity and balance the things and people that mean most to you.

Object 10

2 x 1hr group coaching calls. Fortnightly group coaching to check-in on your progress, get further distinctions on the tools and laser focussed coaching on a specific challenge. Reset your priorities, goals and intentions for the next fortnight.

Object 11

Planning workshops. 90 day and yearly planning workshops breaking down your intentions into yearly, 90 day and 28 day checkpoints under 5 leadership pillars: career/business, health, wealth, relationships and personal development.

Object 12

90 day meditations to powerfully embed new habits at the subconscious level.

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