Shhhhush, I’m your Secret Santa!

I got an e-mail last week from Elfster informing me of my secret Santa partner. Elfster digitally picks names ‘out of the hat’ so we really don’t know who’s got who and no swapsies allowed.

In the past, I’ve been part of secret Santa’s with the usual £5 budget. Washing up aprons with peek -a-boo holes, plastic reindeer antlers and a glittery nose, a pear ornament. Fun for an evening but none are in my house now.

Attitudes towards plastics and waste are changing. Recent studies highlighted that 154,000,000 pieces of rubbish will end up in landfill from Christmas crackers used in the UK alone. But this year feels really different, with some of the big household names switching to sustainable practices. Consumers have spoken and are being listened to.

We are no longer in a throwaway society, we want things that last.

When I created my LEGACY programme, I could have just included private coaching sessions to uncover blocks to your progression and talk through ways to overcome them, setting intentions and mapping out achievable goals every fortnight.

That is more than enough to move you from where you are to where you want to be.

But LEGACY is my flagship programme and I wanted to make sure that there is longevity to our work together, way beyond the 6-month mark. 

So, alongside the 1:1 tailored coaching sessions, I overlay behavioural change and leadership tools so that at the end of the programme you will have a personalised toolkit of resources as PDF’s and audio clips and a 5-year roadmap mapped back to achievable milestones.

You’ll be able to go back to your toolkit and re-apply the tools time and again. Every time I re-visit the tools with my own clients, I gain new insight and it deepens my understanding as I grow and evolve.

I like to be upfront and honest about what is included in the programme so you can find all of the details here. One of my first clients to go through the programme commented in the 5-year roadmap session that, “it’s amazing! I didn’t think it was possible. I don’t have to choose between my family and work – I can have it all and make it work.”

If you haven’t done so already, it’s a great idea to think about what tools you currently have and evaluate where you might need some additional support and resources.

Meanwhile, if you’re ready to do this properly once and for all, check out if the LEGACY programme is right for you. I can’t wait to meet you.

Speak soon,

Hannah x

PS Don’t forget you also have the option of a 12 month payment plan that doesn’t cost you a penny more – It’s the small details to a well thought out plan that make the difference. Join here. 

PPS Book a call to see if LEGACY is right for you or to talk to me about coaching programmes with a different focus.