Spring Equinox

Hi ,
A slightly delayed Coffee & Notes. I would love to say it was intentional to coincide with lessons for the Spring equinox. The reality? I’m traveling to Washington DC for work next week to lead a 2-day future leaders’ forum for Optica and I had drastically underestimated all of the prep work required. I’m not talking about the workshop slides or workbook creation. The mental load of having everything arranged from wrap around childcare to food in the cupboards. It’s exhausting.

The old adage that we can have it all but in return we must do it all. This has to change.

For all the work I’ve done on establishing equity at home, it is times like this that the stark reality of the unconscious bias come back to smack me in the face 👊. There is work to be done because if I want my children to go on to live equitable lives, they need to witness this in their childhoods.

Download my 8-keys to negotiating partnership on domestic chores here. It looks like I will have to take a dose of my own medicine again 😉

Let’s not forget that it is the Spring equinox and the budding of new life, including the big ball of frogspawn I found on my sunset walk this evening. Here are three journal questions to mark the first day of spring.

  1. What did you not have energy for in the winter that you now have energy for this spring?
  2. What seeds of new ideas fill you with energy?
  3. What is one ground action to metaphorically plant one of those seeds?

If it feels like the first quarter of 2022 has slipped away from you, create traction for the next quarter with a solid 90 day plan. Join me on Wednesday 23rd March 12:00-13:30 (UK time) with a 7-day recorded replay available.


During the 90-minute Planning Q2 2022 workshop we will be:

 Reviewing the 5 pillars of your leadership to help balance multiple different competing areas of your life.
 Consciously designing the network of support that you need in each pillar.
 Reflecting and refining our boundaries and non-negotiables.
 Finding grounded actions for each pillar by setting intentions for 30th June 2022.
 Weaving the grounded actions into a 90-day plan with 3 x 28-day checkpoints.

You will be provided with a workbook and templates for each exercise. Replay available if you cannot attend live.

I do hope you will join me in purposefully and intentionally planning the next 90 days.
Keep opening up,


PS Join me for the Planning Q2 2022 Workshop > > click here