The Career Pathway

There are a series of predictable and repeatable steps to create an intentional career. From one that unconsciously unfolds in front of you to a purpose driven career where you value yourself, feel valued by others and make a valuable contribution in the world.

Stage 1
People at this stage actively step onto a career pathway but the rest largely becomes unconscious choices and opportunities that present themselves. During this stage the focus is on proving themselves, saying yes and pleasing others which results in overworking. The hope is that success and progression will be guaranteed.

Stage 2
Once a pattern of overworking is established, resentment creeps in and people in that position start to feel overlooked, underappreciated and underpaid for all of that hard work. Reliance on the manager for development starts to shift into thinking about next steps but lacking clarity of direction.

Stage 3
The lack of career clarity results in feeling stuck, demotivated and disconnected from the impact of the role or organisation. The longer spent in this stage of paralysis the less confident the person feels. Specific people or even an email can feel destabilising and 25+ years of working in this way becomes unsustainable.

Stage 4
This is the shift into an intentional career which feels purposeful because there is alignment between your purpose – mission – vision. Confidence is restored and people at this stage are enjoying the benefits of paying attention to competing areas of life to find balance. Earnings increase as individuals are able to understand, use and articulate their value.

Stage 5
Mastery of the leadership mindset and career navigational tools gives agency and personal power making that shift from tired all the time to the vital, on a mission in the world. The freedom to add their unique value unhindered, highly sought after and paid more as a by-product.

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