The difference between a manager and a leader

The difference between a manager and a leader is vision.” – Bonnie De Fatio

This week I am celebrating completing the Inspired Women’s Lead 6-month mentorship programme. My mentor inspired me through her own vision of leading in the corporate world with empathy.

There are 9 commonalities between great visions. 
1.    It pushes you beyond your comfort zone or stretches you.
2.    It’s all encompassing in your life.
3.    Your values are manifested in your vision.
4.    It’s congruent with who you are.
5.    It aligns with your values and ethics.
6.    It makes a positive difference.
7.    Others can capture and enhance your dream in their own lives.
8.    It drives people towards something greater.
9.    It will continue long after you’re gone.

As “no-one owns it, or everyone owns it,” I would love to see if my vision holds up to number 7. Can you capture this vision and use it to enhance your own life?
Next week I embark on phase 2 of the programme. I have been assigned my mentee and I will now become a mentor for the next 6 months. If there’s one thing I will take with me on the next phase of this journey. It is to be like my mentor. Celebrate and build people up. It really is a wonderful feeling.

Speak Soon,

Hannah x

PS Hit reply and give me your honest feedback about my vision. 

PPS Hit reply and share with me your disempowering archetype tracking notes from last week. did you notice any patterns?