The Easing Out Process

We all have different voices in our heads. One voice says, “go for a walk at lunch time.” Another voice says, “no, you have to eat at your desk and get to the bottom of your inbox.” The action you take will depend upon which voice is strongest.

During my 3-day Beyond Imposter Syndrome workshop series, I introduced you to the concept of ‘The Psychology of Selves’ and gave you 6 tools and solutions to implement immediately to get separation from that critical voice in your head that compares you unfavourable to others.

If you missed the workshop series, I have made it available for replay for another 7 days as many of you got in touch to say your replay email got lost in the internet ether.

Day 1
Day 2
Day 3

One of the most loved tools was the easing out process. As promised, I have made this part of the workshop available as a 10 minute audio clip for you to use anytime.

Click here to download > > The Easing Out Process

I highly recommend this as a daily practice in order to become the CEO of your own boardroom and regain real choice over your actions and behaviours.

Hit reply and let me know what happens to your mind, thought and body as a result.

Keep opening up,
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